Marble tile

Marble tile

Marble Floor tile, Marble Tile Flooring, Marble Tile – this section includes marble wall tile

Fess up! You’re only keeping that shabby & worn out area rug around to cover up the dated flooring underneath. Did you know that you could upgrade your worn out flooring with something that adds a timeless elegance to your home and stay within a budget while adding value to your home? Did you know that by adding Marble Tile to your home you’ve just guaranteed that it will maintain its value and durability for the life of your home? As a specialty retailer of hard surface flooring, Floor & Decor Outlets offers the largest selection of Marble tile to help you make a lasting home improvement choice.

Marble flooring is one of the most versatile natural stones that you can use in your home.

Consider all the applications possibilities from flooring marble, countertops, backsplashes, wall cover, fireplace surrounds and exterior facades. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs, the possibilities for making each room of your home unique are limitless. Our Dynasty Cream in a 12in. x 12in. with a soft swirling vein cut design is a great introductory piece that can be used on both floors and walls. Want a classic look? Our Crime Marfil Classic Marble Tile comes in both a 12in. x 12in. and an 18in. x 18in. tile. Look for the coordinating mosaics to add depth to your home improvement project. Floor & Decor Outlets offers a square and hexagon white marble floor mosaic in versatile sizes like 1in. x 1in. and 2in. x 2in. want more of a refined look? Our Carrara White Marble tile is a popular choice in white marble with gray veining that ranges in sizes 1in. x 1in. mosaics to 12in. x 12in. marble floor tiles.

Your home should be a show place. A reflection of your personality and a source of pride, so don’t cover up your worn out floors and hope no one notices. Upgrade them with marble tiles and show off your home as the show place it should be! Don’t forget to complete your project with coordinating marble wall, accent and finishing tiles. Still got questions? We’ve got answers to get you on your way! We offer online assistance and an assortment of DIY guides to help you get started. Order online today!

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